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How do I order?

This applies to bespoke cake orders only, for our online shop see our section on online orders.

From experience we prefer email-this ensures all your important order details are in writing and we don’t make any mistakes!

We can also reply when we are less busy, providing you with the attention your order deserves.

You can also phone us and we can take your order then.

For those of you who would rather discuss your order in person we are available at the bakery to take consultations between 10-4 at our Boutique Bakery. As far as possible, though, we do like to provide all details in writing so we will be confirming all in writing once your order is placed.

When do I need to pay a deposit?

A tentative date can be booked for 5 working days without a deposit after which the date shall be removed if no deposit has been paid.

Once order details are confirmed, you will need to pay a £10 non-refundable deposit to secure the date.

All cakes need to be paid in full a week before collection date. If ordered within the week of collection, the cake must be paid in full when ordered.

If payment has not been made you will be notified and cancellation made at our discretion.

To start the order process, please send an email to we need:
– the date of your event
– your daytime phone number and a mobile number
– your email address
– an idea of what kind of cake design you are looking for – traditional style, or will it have handmade decorative items or is it a stacked cake etc.
– number of servings required.

How do I pay?

We take cash or any major debit cards as well as online bank transfers- please ask us for our bank details if you need them.

We can also send you a credit/debit card link so you may pay via email.

Payments can be made at our shop or office.

What time do you open?

Piece of Cake Boutique Bakery

Monday to Friday: 10am- 6.30pm

Saturday: 11am-5.30 (10.30am -3.30pm during the summer-check with the bakery).

Sunday: CLOSED

Office (exclusively for cake orders and other queries)

Monday to Friday: 10am-4pm

Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Look out for our summer hours between early July and early September (dates vary every year).

How soon should I order?

We try to accommodate as much as we can and will try and fit in your order whenever possible – however the sooner you come in the better especially if you will be requiring something novelty. We need to know at least two weeks before – so please let us know when you place your order. Some things require more research and planning so we like to have as much time as possible when designing your cake.

Fondant figures and decorations also need plenty of time to make and dry – we have particularly damp conditions locally, so drying out can be a nightmare – so please give us plenty of notice for these or we may be unable to make them for you, and we wouldn’t want that!

How do you price my cake?

Cakes are priced by size (portions required) and complexity of design involved.

We pride ourselves in using the highest quality ingredients to produce the best tasting cake. All ingredients are fresh and cakes are made from scratch. All recipes have been tried and ‘tasted’ for quality, consistency and deliciousness to ensure you will always get the same recipe you have always enjoyed.

From the moment you contact us, we shall ensure that you will have the best possible service and will make sure we meet your requirements as far as possible. Our prices reflect the attention to detail whilst preparing your order, the customer care provided and the guarantee that you are going to have a professionally made cake especially made for you.

Our quotes also take into account that many of our novelty cakes take several days to make, considerable research on said theme as well as in some instances several consultations/emails with our customers.

We provide each cake with a supportive cake board to make sure you feel secure whilst transporting the cake. We provide adequate transport boxes for cakes which we deem require them and we wrap others in cake paper. We also have cake boxes for sale for those who wish to purchase them.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders cancelled with 7 or more working days’ notice will be refunded (minus the £10 booking deposit) Orders cancelled with 48 hours’ notice or less will not be refunded-unless postponed for a future date and will be used as a credit towards new order. This has to be used within two months of previous order date.

Discretion may also apply in some circumstances.

What if I need to cancel or change my order?

If you wish to cancel, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can give your slot to someone else who may be waiting.

Please check out our cancellation policy. If you need to make a change to your order, such as add or remove something, you must do so at least 10 business days prior to your date.
No changes can be made to your order within 7 days of your booked date. This applies to specific bespoke orders where certain figures or sugarpaste items may have already been made for your order.

With regular cake orders no changes can be made within 2 working days.

When can I collect my cake?

Cakes are ready for collection as follows:

Mondays from 2.30-6.30pm

Tuesday to Fridays from 1.30-6.30pm

Saturdays from 11am-5.30pm (summer 10.30-3.30)

Earlier times between Tuesday-Friday may occasionally be accommodated, please enquire.

Also note our summer hours.

Our employees are not obliged to await cake collections beyond our opening times, however upon discretion of circumstances they may personally offer to stay on only if contacted previously. This may incur an extra over time fee.

Collections are from Piece of Cake Boutique Bakery :The Residence, 29-35 Engineer Lane,Gibraltar.

Do you deliver?

We offer delivery of cupcakes and Cakes with VEPO (Mondays-Saturdays) let us know if you require a delivery service and we will arrange the rest for you! You can also order our cupcakes to be delivered to you or an address of your choice via Hungry Monkey, Rock Hero or Nom Noms.

Do you do cakes for special dietary requirements?

Yes! We do make some cakes for special non severe dietary requirements – please ask what we are able to do for you. We can do our cakes nut, egg and gluten free, but we do use those ingredients in the bakery, so if you are severely allergic and cannot even go near any of those ingredients, I’d keep away!

How long do your cakes keep?

Our cakes keep very well for a few days-if they are covered in fondant more so, as this protects them from drying out.

Butter-cream cakes also keep very well as do the Italian meringue cakes (though it may begin to crust after a few days!).

We don’t recommend cakes are kept in the fridge unless its summer as we do get very high temperatures and many creams do melt in the heat-there is a limit as to how much we can control!

Chocolate and butter-cream cakes don’t like the heat very much and must be kept in the fridge during the summer months.

We do like to tell our customers to take cakes out of fridge an hour before serving (but keep out of the sun!).

Cupcakes are also best stored in the boxes we provide-if they do last beyond the day (they shouldn’t as they are too yummy!) they can be kept in the box for a couple of days.

Can I freeze my cake?

Cakes do generally freeze very well, however fondant cakes don’t as the fondant tends to go soft and loses its shape. If you have a lot left over from a party and just want to freeze for another day, just store in a plastic tub and keep for up to two weeks, allow to defrost for a few hours out of the fridge.

If you are wanting to freeze a whole cake for another occasion, please ask over a particular cake and we will advise you accordingly.

How many does the cake serve?

Please ask us on specific advice for this as every customer and event is different. Some customers like 2 slices or want leftovers to share out with relatives…some have been known to leave some cake for breakfast.

Some just want a token piece of cake after a meal, so call or email us for our serving suggestions.

Can you gift box by order?

Cupcakes and some cakes may be gift boxed for a small fee, just let us know at least 2 business days before.

I have a question about cake making/decorating my own cake.

We wish we could answer every question in personalised detail. However, due to the large number of orders we get, that’s not always possible but, we’ll try our best as we love helping out.

Can I/my daughter/my son/grandchild etc visit for a day to learn a few tips from you?

Due to health and safety regulations we cannot have any non-employee inside the kitchens.

If you show up anyway, we will not be able to let you come inside. We are very sorry to be so strict and mean but there are no exceptions.

Do you offer work experience?

Currently we are unable to offer work experience as we have limited time and space. Bakers and decorators are very busy working to tight deadlines and unfortunately cannot spare extra time to share their skills and expertise.

I love baking, will you hire me?

We are not currently looking to hire any staff, student summer jobs or volunteers, but by all means email us your CV, who knows if we may need extra hands in the future.

Can you give a donation to our Charity?

We are a generous bunch and feel very privileged that we are requested to donate to charity so frequently.

We have an annual quota on donations and we provide a cupcakes or a cupcake gift voucher to be redeemed within 6 months. We have a daily limit on all our orders and donation requests require similar notice as they also have to fit in with our timetable together with the rest of the day’s orders. We only make donations to registered charities or recognised charitable organisations. We are a small business and are unable to make charitable donations for cake stalls for school trips ,sporting events or any other sponsored local events -sorry!

For donation requests please email us and we will send you a form that needs to be filled out and returned to us along with the request on your Charity’s letterhead at least 30 days before your event.


Fondant figures and pieces may require supports: Please be aware that your cake may contain floral wire, toothpicks, or dry spaghetti to support the structure.
In larger pieces, your order may contain dowels, bubble straws, etc.

Two tier cakes also require support: Please be aware that your tiered cake may contain wooden dowels, plastic dowels, bubble straws, parchment paper, and cardboard in-between the layers.

A dowel rod usually supports the entire cake for transport and goes straight down the middle of the tiers.

Our equipment comes in contact with peanuts, nuts and other potential allergens.

We always strongly advise our customers NOT to transport them on a motorbike and if taking in a car, the seats are not a good option.
Place cakes on a flat surface of the car and drive very carefully, being careful with sharp bends and braking!

We sometimes recommend taking the lid off the box so you can keep an eye on the cake- even though you know you’re taking a cake, you still might forget!

Transport instructions shall be provided if you order tiered cakes. Please make sure you read them and understand what you need to do. This MUST be passed on to whoever is collecting the cake on your behalf.

Once cakes leave our bakery we are not responsible for any damage caused in transport.

Can you re-create my own design?

When asked to create a design based on several ideas or a sketched design we will try and interpret the design as far as possible-the ultimate design will be based on the cake decorator’s interpretation of instructions provided whilst maintaining the integrity of the overall look desired. Specific instructions will be followed as much as the design allows. We reserve the right to alter features if it is felt that it does not do the design justice, does not suit the theme or may not create the effect which was discussed. Artistic licence will be applied to create what in our experience works best on the final finish of the design.

We have our own unique style and the artwork in our cakes reflect this. We do not make exact copies of cakes made by other bakeries-we shall always modify certain features to make it our own.

Where colour swatches are provided we will do our best to match as close as we deem possible. Exact colour matches are not guaranteed.

Figures of people are cartoon representations which may contain one or two features identifiable of who it may be representing but are not exact representations of the person.

Cakes and features on novelty cakes will not be to scale and have been made to fit the theme

 We have made every effort to display the colours of our cakes on our web page, as accurately as possible and also to ensure that the colours on screen are as close as possible to the colours of the actual cake. However, the colour of the actual cake you see on your screen will depend on your monitor, your screen settings and resolution. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour will accurately reflect the colour of the cake and we cannot accept the return of any product because it does not match the colour you were expecting from viewing your screen display.

This will also apply to any images sent over email.

What are your flavours?

Attached please find our sponge flavour and filling table-these combinations are all tried and tasted and what we most recommend. On occasions our customers have chosen their own flavour combinations, we are happy to do this but don’t blame us if the chosen combination didn’t work!

Make sure you understand your choice of filling and any queries please ask, Ganaches are made with melted chocolate and heavy cream. Swiss meringues are flavoured creams. Nutella is NOT pure Nutella…unless specifically asked for.

What should I do if I am not happy with the cake?

All cakes should be checked over before it leaves the bakery-before it is wrapped or boxed we ask that customers check it is what they requested and that names are spelt correctly. We shall try as far as possible to correct any errors before it leaves the bakery. However, no alterations shall be made if the request was not made at the time of ordering. We ask that customers go over the order carefully before payment to ensure we have all details required.

In the unlikely event that the cake is not up to the usual standard once cut, customers are to contact us within two working days and must bring us the cake for us to investigate the issue. We will also, in some circumstances, ask that we are sent photographs of any other problem you may have had with the cake. We will better able to assess the issue if we can see what has gone wrong.

Please see our T&C.

How do I purchase on online shop?

Our online shop enables you to pick and choose the cake you desire at your own leisure.

This does not include bespoke/novelty cakes-to order bespoke cakes please see under the heading of Bespoke Cakes!

This is not a delivery service-cakes can be ordered for collection for the date ordered-times for collection will be provided to you.

We do use a delivery provider (VEPO)-so please enquire about delivery on your particular cake.

Before you start selecting the cake you wish please check the calendar for availability.

The calendar shall be updated daily for available dates and will be available for two months at a time. Because we cannot control the volume received daily, payment will not be taken until full details and date availability has been confirmed by us.

Please fill in all the fields required including your contact details. Once we receive your email we shall check availability and that we have all details required-we shall confirm back via email. If approved we shall send you the credit/debit card link for payment.

You may also pay at the shop or office by card or cash.

Placing an order does not confirm your order until you receive the confirmation notification from us and we have received payment in full.