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Transporting Tiered Cakes

If cake is not being transported yourself, please ensure that these instructions are passed on to whoever is transporting cake for you.

Your cake will be placed in a sturdy double walled cardboard box for your collection.

If transporting in a car, make sure it is placed on a flat surface NOT a car seat. It is preferable to place either in the boot of the car or on the floor in front of the seats.

If placed in the boot, it is advisable that it is placed on a rug or blanket to prevent it slipping. It is also a good idea to place box in between two heavy items to prevent it moving around in the boot.

We cannot emphasize enough how you must drive carefully and slowly and to be aware that a cake is delicate and must be handled with care.

Cakes are made with the utmost care to ensure it does not collapse. They are dowelled through and support plates are placed in between tiers to ensure their stability.

However, careless driving, sharp turns or a sudden brake may weaken the support.

Once at the venue, cakes MUST NOT be stored in the fridge-even if it requires remaining at venue overnight. They will keep perfectly in the box. The ingredients are carefully chosen to withhold several days without refrigeration.

To remove cake from box, it is advisable to dismantle the box and slide cake out and do not ‘dive into’ box and attempt to ‘fish it out!’

Our instructions are not aimed to frighten you!-our cakes are very stable and we use particularly stable products to support the cake.

Once the cake has left the bakery, it is no longer our responsibility, so we strongly advise that they are handled carefully throughout, to avoid any accidents. We want you to enjoy our cake and not be a cause of stress.